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City of the day
Ho Chi Minh City - Vietnam
Formerly known as Saigon, the largest city in Vietnam is now a bustling city of commerce and culture and has helped drive the country forward economically. Vibrant Ho Chi Minh...Read More
Budget Shopping
One of the best places to find ceramics and funky looking lamps...
Budget Hotels
An unpretentious hotel, the Hotel de Palma nestles in a quiet...
Budget Restaurants
Especially famous among a younger clientele, Galerie 88 is an...
Air New Zealand - Funny Safety Video
Air New Zealand - Funny Safety Video

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Title: Opera House sydney
Chinese Trade Fair - Bahrain
This is a 4 day event that is held at the Bahrain International Exhibition Centre. Chinese traders congregate...
National Day - Ho Chi Minh City
The National Day on the 2nd of September celebrates Ho Chi Minh’s proclamation of freedom for Vietnam in...
Independencia (Independence Day) - Mexico City
Date : 15, 16 September
The Independence Day celebrations in Mexico City are a sight to behold! And...
An event for processing foods and raw material, this convention is one of the largest of its kind and...