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City of the day
Dubai - United Arab Emirates
Glitz, glamour, extravagance – the things that pop into mind when thinking about Dubai.  It’s a city which has risen seemingly overnight from the barren sands of the Arabian...Read More
Budget Shopping
A five minutes’ walk from Liverpool Street Station is Old...
Budget Hotels
It may be somewhat Spartan (no wi-fi as of this writing), but...
Budget Restaurants
The place is tiny but do not be fooled!! The food is top class...
Air New Zealand - Funny Safety Video
Air New Zealand - Funny Safety Video

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Title: Opera House sydney
Janai Purnima - Kathmandu
Near the full moon all high-caste men (Chhetri and Brahmin) must change the janai (sacred thread), looped...
Ramadan - Makkah
The holy month of Ramadan is when Muslims fast from dawn to dusk. This is also a popular time for Muslims...
Eid ul Fitr - Nairobi
Eid -ul- Fitr is celebrated by the sizable Muslim population depending on the sighting of the moon after the...
Festival dos Oceanos - Lisbon
Lisbon celebrates its seafaring heritage in this two week festival with swashbuckling parades, world music,...