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City of the day
Dubai - United Arab Emirates
Glitz, glamour, extravagance – the things that pop into mind when thinking about Dubai.  It’s a city which has risen seemingly overnight from the barren sands of the Arabian...Read More
Budget Shopping
This all in one bookstore has everything you could ask for and...
Budget Hotels
It may be somewhat Spartan (no wi-fi as of this writing), but...
Budget Restaurants
Tasty burgers, fresh ingredients, friendly service and...
Air New Zealand - Funny Safety Video
Air New Zealand - Funny Safety Video

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Title: Opera House sydney
Personal Fest - Buenos Aires
This is one of the major Argentinian music festivals, the place for local bands to get heard and for...
New Years Eve - Frankfurt
Frankfurt is lit with fireworks on New Year’s Eve as the world lightens up for this most celebrated event....
Eid al-Watani - Bahrain
Bahrain commemorates its National Day on the 16th of December, with parades, speeches, processions and other...
Winter Flower and Train Show - Chicago
Head to Lincoln Park for this spectacular show. See the different train models on display, which include an...